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He was president of Romania between 1996 and 2000. With legal studies and a career started, waive and walk reprofilează of geology. Follows a consistent teaching and pedagogical career, through all the academic degrees. Professor full specializing in mineralogy, rector of the University of Bucharest, is one of the iconic figures of the political life after 1989.

Founder of Civic Alliance-represented and active civil society, unable to unify the democratic opposition forces in the Democratic Convention of Romania, whose support will become president of Romania. Moment of bliss and delusion to a whole world and not believed in the values of a multilaterally developed NSF offers extremely active and aggressive. Constantinescu is a saying with sadness and resignation, failure to test the country's democratization.

Beyond the events that marked his presidential mandate, and the CDR efforts were not enough to put Romania on a path of democracy.

CDR struggles within and between the ambitions of many politicians have reached the crest of the wave that Constantinescu's presidential mandate to end in failure. Affairs, willingly or not, visible or hidden sabotaged, went increasingly worse. To the disappointment of voters who had great illusions, to the delight of many other interest groups that are mounted on the situation today.

Professor Emil Constantinescu has sufficient ability to twist and twirl in city affairs and politicians and ended up sacrificing has run for a second term. It was a difficult and unexpected time has given grist to the mill neoconservative forces with democratic leftists frill, to return to the forefront of political life that the forces of right. What followed all know well, not very comfortably endure today. Not quite all. Return to the PSD's force and then the birth of a hybrid such as PDL confirmed, unfortunately, not very optimistic visions of Silviu Brucan the birth of democracy in Romania.

Constantinescu's name remains, especially for those who really lived life intensely political earthquakes in the '90s, related to victory and then defeat and dissolution of the CDR. Everything that followed were steps backward, not forward. We do not know exactly how and what can be done Constantinescu during his tenure, but some remained in the middle of the road. Otherwise, an austere intellectual and talk too long, in a country where neseriozitatea pasty is a virtue and it brings more votes than the wise.

Today only present stage of political debate, more or less television, Constantinescu can not influence the Romanian public opinion, set to other than strictly moral coordinates. Live it well or not, but enough. That seems at least.

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